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meet your creator and community maker

This is a story about all of us. It is a journey of discovery, healing, trusting intuition and taking chances. We’ve all had experiences that have changed the trajectory of our lives; ones that have changed the way we perceive our place in the world.


Sakala was born out of my path from loneliness and isolation to connection. From addiction to inspiration. I was taking a chance that there were others out there struggling to find a supportive, inclusive, and diverse community. I was rewriting the narrative of how I chose to show up in the world. I was looking for all of YOU.


Sakala is more than a brick and mortar. It is a home to those seeking a welcoming cocoon where they can show up exactly as they are and find acceptance. It is a judgement-free zone. When you share your gifts at Sakala, you aren’t required to do so in any particular way or to call them any particular name. You get to decide. After all, it’s yours to share.

Sakala was built to create accessible space where you get to be successful in what you are passionate about. Because abundance is your birthright. At Sakala, we offer autonomy, authenticity, integrity, and community; a place to use your voice and help others grow together. We don’t have to do this alone.


My promise to all of you is that I will continue to reevaluate our impact and stay vigilant to what the community needs. I will continue to protect the energy of this space so that when you and your clients walk through that door you breathe in love and support. And that by the time you leave here you will feel more empowered, held, and truly seen. Because that is what we all deserve.


Sakala was made for you. Yes, YOU. Someone who is passionate and compelled to share their gifts. Someone who is centered on the work of healing, teaching, and being involved in the community. Someone who believes they have a purpose, has awareness, and has a responsibility to their fellow humans. 


Welcome Home!

xoxo - Meghan



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